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The Medical Office

Combining perfect technique and ethics in the practice of aesthetic care.

This is the rule of the 5 D’s:
Deference: respect for individuals and their aesthetic concerns with kindness and empathy.
Finger dexterity and skill: in the handling of flexible micro-cannulas and in the application of the injected product, knowing how to dose.
Sweetness and Delicacy: always perform actions without stress, taking the time to achieve the best result that corresponds to the expectations of the patients.

The philosophy of the medical practice

Nothing in a person is more important than the face. This is how a person knows and recognizes themselves. The face is not forgotten. It manifests itself as a sign of human belonging. It is a ‘call’ to the other, in the form of a reciprocal gift, because a face is offered. In the sun, in the rain, and also in the other, to all the others. “See,” said the face, “I exist, and I exist for you too, just as your face makes you exist for me, in a mysterious sharing.”
The eyes that see, look, express; the ears that listen and whose attention is reflected on all features; the mouth that speaks and draws in sound images the words of the world and inner life; the nose so essential in its form, this nose that signs the personality at the very center of the face… all this makes the unparalleled richness of the human figure.
It is said of a face, and of no other part of the body, that it darkens, or that it brightens, even illuminates. Have you noticed, have you fully grasped this fact: in everyday life, the face is the only part of the body that is exposed, accompanied by the hands, also gesturing in the same movement. Like the hands and even more so, the face is projected forward: the bare skin of the face, so transparent that it seems to represent the infinitesimal gap between the visible and the invisible. Bare face skin, expressive, luminous, trembling, hollowed or rounded, hill or valley. The face is the landscape of the human soul, for each of us it is the irrefutable presence.

So look at your face, do everything to be happy in its company and love it. Then offer it with a new serenity to the light, the one that penetrates the wide-open eyes of others. Face to face…

The equipment used is state-of-the-art equipment.


The very fine needles whose bevels are perfectly machined.


The use of very small flexible micro-cannulas requires exceptional training and dexterity to eliminate the risk of causing bruising.


The use of the U225 mesotherapy device which allows for ultra-sophistication of dermal injections on the face by making them painless.

“Skin microdermabrasion treatment followed by a session of dermal micro-injections with the U 225® injector device which allows for a “reshaping” of the face skin and gives a radiant complexion.”


For dermatological care with the aim of skin rejuvenation, we use the powerful LED MEDISOL lamp with its integrated protocols:
– aesthetic protocols
– Treatment of recent and old scars and stretch marks.
– treatment of alopecia
– Photo-rejuvenation
– aggressive post-procedure care (Lasers)
post-peeling care
– Dermatological protocols such as dynamic phototherapy, acne treatment, and vitiligo treatment.


SYNERON eMAX device: pulsed light and radiofrequency.

Skin stimulation treatment and overall skin firming.
Reduction of both pigmented spots and vascular spots by performing sessions of ‘Pulsed Light associated with Radiofrequency’.

Session of botulinum toxin injections.

Using two different products whose action is complementary on the facial muscles. Injections are performed using a micro-syringe graduated to 1/100 of a ml, allowing for intelligent distribution of the product into the skin. Botulinum toxin can be used to treat FACIAL EXPRESSION WRINKLES.

Before each session, a careful disinfection of the skin is practiced and a precise marking of the agonist and antagonist effects of the facial muscles.

After identifying the area, one can proceed with meticulous and delicate injections of the face, varying the depth of injection according to the superficiality of the muscle.

The result of a session of botulinum toxin injections on the face in our office has nothing to do with the different frozen aspects that one can encounter.

We always aim to improve the way light falls on the face: our injections result in a tightening of the face; the eyes appear more open, the jawline lifts, and the face glows.

It should be noted that we inject all areas of the face and sometimes it is also necessary to know when not to inject.

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injection-acide-hyaluronique-resultat-avant-soft-medical-touch injection-acide-hyaluronique-resultat-apres-soft-medical-touch

Injections of hyaluronic acid sessions

Here too, a careful study of the face is necessary before starting a series of injections and our philosophy is that it is better to see the patient again for a touch-up than to make injections with an “over-correction”.

We use the best products currently on the market; why are they the best: because they have the best known ’tissue integration’! Never any ‘lumps’ or ‘granulomas’.

After an injection session, inflammatory reactions can still occur, but they are rare and quickly resolved!

Hyaluronic acid injections are used to treat “deficiencies”, depressed areas of the face, grooves, and depending on the quality of the product, wrinkles and fine lines.

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A question?
An appointment booking? Contact us.